Dragino — LPS8 Data Only Helium Hotspot

Let’s talk about the differences between a Full, Light, and Data Only Hotspot

“Does it mine $HNT?”

In short, yes it absolutely does technically mine $HNT. The increments of rewards are minimal as they are solely based of the main utility of the network “Data Credits”. You might have seen something that looks like this before on your Full Hotspot.

BEWARE OF SCAMMERS AND SCALPERS! They will tell you this is a Light Hotspot when it certainly is not.

These scammers/scalpers just want your money. Purchase from the links below instead.

Dragino Devices for Data Only Hotspots:

Temp & Humidity

Door Sensors & Water Leak Detectors

Air Quality

You can find most of these from my favorite US based Dragino distributor Fiz-Tech.net

Social Media

Discord Server



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