Network Status Update (Targeted to Bobber/Helium Community)

What do I do after the Light Hotspot Update is complete?

The Reason Why You Ask?

Light Hotspots do NOT need to stay IN SYNC, and they do NOT need to be PORT FORWARDED, these are the two MAJOR changes that happened with the shift to LHS, this is WHY the blockchain has such intermittent activity right now (well that and the Validators not updating properly but that is another story and currently being investigated).

General Network Information (Targeted to Helium Community):

Validators will be taking control of all peer-to-peer communication as well as storage of blockchain data. at this point Port Forwarding will no longer be necessary, our hotspots will no longer need to “stay in sync” as well.


Use the network:

Helium Hotspot Live Support/Assessment Service

Competent helium network troubleshooting, location assessments, & planning optimization. Learn how to integrate $HNT’s utility into your daily life or business, improving Quality of Life.



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